How to make sangria

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How to make sangria? Sangria is originally a Spanish drink (mostly popular in Portugal and Spain) consisting of red wine mixed with fruit, lemonade, and spices. For spices here we are utilizing cinnamon. Many people become victims of making sangria in the wrong way and that is a shame. It takes a lot of care to make the proper one. There are many modifications you can make while you are making it and everyone has their own way of making sangria. You can add the masala you find in packets instead of just cinnamon. You can use any seasonal fruit you like along with soda water. If you are putting too much wines and other alcohol stuffs it can be hard to drink. If you are thinking of an excellent summer refreshment in the hot summer, then here is how you make it.

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Here is what you will need:

How to make sangria

How to make sangria

· 7 oranges

· 19 ounces (slightly more than half liter) peach juice

· 1 lemon

· 1 banana

· 3 pinches of cinnamon

· 1 can of peaches in fruit juice

· 1 can mandarins in fruit juice

· 1 and a half apples

Other equipment:

· Can opener

· Citrus press

· Fruit Knife

· Chopping board

· Refrigerator

Step 1: Start with only two oranges by peeling them off completely. Use a knife to cut them into cube shapes. You can utilize a citrus presser in this case. It is used to make juice out of lemons, limes, oranges etc. Take four oranges and slice them from the center. Make juice out of those four using the juice presser. There are many kinds of citrus presser and you can pick one you prefer.

Step 2: Get a container or vessel and combine the peach juice, cinnamon and the orange juice. Open the can of peaches and cut them into thin slices and add them to the sangria base. You should pour all the juice over the peaches which is the base of your sangria.

Step 3: Pour the canned mandarins and their juice. You have to slice the apples into pieces. Instead of slicing one and a half apples, you can do it with two full apples. Add them within a second or else they start to discolor. Peel the bananas and cut them into round shapes.

Step 4: Wash the lemon and start cutting it. Squeeze out all the lemon juice using your hand and not the citrus presser and add to the mixture. After you have added everything, keep it in the container or vessel and refrigerate it.

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