How to gain weight fast

How to gain weight fast

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How to gain weight fast? While most people look for ways to reduce weight, there are many of them out there who are in search of ways to gain weight. There are many people who eats a lot and never exercises but they are slim. The people have different weight goals than most people. Most people look to reduce weight and eat less while they need to do something else. It can be a problem because the method is a bit expensive because you will need to spend on food. If the diet changes and the natural way are not helping, you have to contact a doctor or get supplements or powder that is designed for gaining weight. There are several reasons for not being able to get a thick body, it could be you have a fast metabolism or you burn more calories everyday than you should. Here is how you can add a few kilograms to your original weight within a short time.

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Step 1: Eat protein. Proteins are great, they build up your body in both weight and height and make you look good. The good thing is that they are available in many forms and you can have them whenever you like. In order to make a healthy protein-based meal, you can have a baked chicken breast (baking in the oven is healthier than cooking in the stove) with some lentils and vegetables. You should know that lentils contain a lot of proteins as well. You can start your morning with a boiled or a scrambled egg. Egg is known for being a rich source of this nutrition as well. During snack time, you can have yoghurt or nuts. They will provide you a lot of energy and help you gain mass.

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How to gain weight fast
How to gain weight fast

Step 2: Sleep well

Even people who has a slow metabolism or eats a lot of fatty foods losses weight when they are under stress or pressure and cannot get sleep or rest properly. If you are trying to increase the overall weight and that too at a quick rate, you must sleep enough. Get more than eight hours of sleep at night and get naps during the day whenever you can. People have a lot of confusions about the fact whether sleep deprivation makes you fat or not. Researchers say people who rests less than six hours gets obese and those who sleeps more than eight hours gain weight as well. Therefore, sleep more than eight hours so that you are energetic and fresh.

Step 3: Tell others

It is an easy way to get mass t your body because others can help you by picking out foods for you and you will not have to do everything yourself. For example, you and your friends are going out at a restaurant and if they know that your purpose is to add more mass to the body, when everybody is sharing the pizza into two slices, you can get three. If others, particularly relatives and friends know your body goals, they can help you.


• If you love cycling, it is time you stop doing it. That is not helpful in this case.

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