How to get rich

Everybody wants money because after all it is what keeps every day smooth. The food you are eating and the clothes you are wearing, all that has been possible because you had money to buy it. It can be that you do not have excess money to buy something you want like an expensive phone or new shoes. That is why when you get rich, you can purchase anything you like. There are many ways and reasons to get rich. Once you are rich, you can help people who are not well-off or is poverty-stricken. Here is how you can do it.

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Step 1: understand the basics. Wealth is something that everybody wants and to get it you should start as soon as possible. The younger you are, the easier it is for you. You have to start with a target, do not become shy to set a goal like hundred million. If you target one million, that will not be a good start. Begin with a big aim and start working on it. Think of why you want it and why you need it. Start fantasizing about the things you would do with a lot of money and you will just complete the first step. Learn the basics from the internet that what is an asset, finance and commerce.

How to get rich

Step 2: regular jobs

Start with a job that matches your qualification. If you are a college student, see what work is available for you. Make a list of several jobs and see which one can help you save more money. For example, one shop is going to pay you $20 per hour but you need to drive to that place and you get no benefits like healthcare or food. The other place is offering you meal, healthcare and you can walk to the shop and is paying you $15. You can go for that one. It would seem that you are wasting $5 per hour but at the end when you calculate you are saving a lot of money on food, gas, transport and medical costs.

Step 3: additional work

Start talking with many people and see if there is any work that you can do for them. They may know a company that needs part-time worker from home. You can work from home after your home from college. It is the time to make your PC with the internet connection your best friend and make full use of it. Start other sources of income like make a Facebook page, selling something for profit. It will not grow in a day or a month. That is why start young and within few years, you will reach one million likes. You can make money through AdSense, YouTube or other websites.


· Since you are young, do not spend all your money on your rent, food etc. live with your parents so you will be able to save all of the salary.

· Complete your studies and get a job that pays a lot more than you need.

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