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Stomach complaint is one of the most common stomach complications that are reported quite often. The condition can be painful in some instances very embarrassing. Its manifestation can leave one literally grounded and unable to partake in any involving recreational activities. As a result, there have been tons of inquiries into how to get rid of the situation fast and efficiently. In this article I will take you through a number of ways in which you can definitely get rid of the condition and regain your normal bowel movement so that you can go back to being a contributing member of society, but first I’ll take you through the various causes of the gas accumulation in the tummy.

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Swallowed air- some time we may accidentally and unknowingly swallow air into our abdomen. This is mostly the case when we mull over or even drink with straws. As a result, air finds its way into the digestive tract and may result in stomach gas.


Health condition– in some instances stomach gas can be as a result of a health condition in the body. For instance the gas can be as a manifestations of bacteria in the small digestive system. Some other conditions may include ulcerative colitis or crohn’s sickness.

Added substances– the body is not built to withstand counterfeit sweeteners found in gums and confections. As a result, these compounds could offset reactions that may end up producing a lot of gas.

Constipation– in this state it is very difficult to pass out gas and as a result may end up bloating your body.



Peppermint tea

The ingredients contained in this kind of tea re very useful in relieving gas. This is due to the fact that the menthol contained in the tea relaxes the smooth stomach muscles that under pressure from the gas buildup. It is better in performance if you exclude adding sugar into the tea.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is also a great help to relieve gas. The tea contains chemicals such as gingerols and shgaols which are resourceful when it comes to unwinding the intestines. This action helps to clear passage for the gas, thus mitigating the situation. You can have the tea before or after any meal session you suspect will offset your gas situation.


You have probably had this a million times before that a good run can fix almost anything. Medical specialists have found out that regular exercise in the event of gas build up can be very helpful. This is backed by the idea that physical movement facilitates the movement of gas pockets in the digestive tract. As such this will relieve the gas in the tract and leave you feeling awesome and fresh. Therefore, you are encouraged to regularly take a walk or even join a friend in a run to keep your digestive system on track.


Despite being a killer spice to your food, coriander has tons of health benefits you probably aren’t aware of. One of these great benefits is the resolving of poor digestion in the body. The spice works wonders in relieving indigestion in the body. Coriander can also be incredibly helpful in ensuring that you didn’t get to experience the burning sensation that comes with the gas formed in the digestive tract. To use coriander, all you have to do is mix some dry coriander with a glass of boiled water, you can also opt to blend if in a hurry.

Chamomile tea

The next time you get yourself in a gas fix, you should definitely try out chamomile tea. This kind of tea is guaranteed to give you amazing results. This will definitely be as a result of the antispasmodic effect of the tea. The tea unwinds your tract and clear the track so that the gas can be rid fast. The tea is also good for tackling indigestion. For better results, you should definitely shun the use of milk in the tea as milk will offset the creation of gas in the body.

Fennel seeds

One of the most annoying conditions that come with food is the development of heartburn due to reactions in the stomach. For the best reliever, fennel seeds are known not to disappoint. The seeds are good in tackling the acid reaction in the stomach. In the end they relieve you from the burning sensation and totally leave your track clear of any gas causing acids. For use, you can mix some portion of the broiled seeds with some milk or even boiled water. As much as you have fennel seeds at your beck and call, you should try and avoid greasy foods altogether.


One of the reasons as to why we are encouraged to have fiber in our diet is that it helps in smoothening bowel movement. This is due to the fact that the roughage is not digested in the tract but instead passes wholly through the tract carrying with it all in its way. As a result, pumpkin proves to be great solution for gas as it clear the track as food goes through digestion. The great part is that you can actually use pumpkin to prevent gas incidents even before they build up.

Lemon water

The lemon remedy is one that can be termed as a bitter solution with sweet results. You can make this by normally mixing lemon juice with water. The mixture helps you out with your gas condition by mitigating the action of the HCL that is found in the tummy. The acid content in the lemon increases the creation of HCL in the stomach which results in more digestion and less bloating and gas build up. You should definitely try out the solution and see the results for yourself.


Sometimes solutions to difficult problems are usually very easy. Some would not believe that water can help relieve gas, but water does really help in relieving the condition. This is due to the fact that water is helpful in suspending the food in it for greater digestion results. Therefore, you should definitely take lots of water to help out.

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