How to get taller

How to get taller? People are always looking for ways to make themselves look better such as getting a new hairstyle or wearing nice clothes. People try to take proper skin care to look good. Many people look for ways to increase their height or become tall. People think that being tall is a good quality and those who are not satisfied with it want to increase it. Understand what height is. It is something that depends on genetics and other environmental factors. It is 4:1 meaning the heredity effects the most part of your height whereas the environmental factors are only 1. Some people do not have to do anything but grow naturally, here are ways you can get taller.

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Green smoothie: Green smoothie here refers to a smoothie you can make using spinach. You just need a blender and some fresh spinach. Spinach is full of fiber, protein and calcium. Calcium and protein are two major components when you are thinking of increasing your tallness. The way you can have spinach is by making a smoothie, have it with rice for lunch and have a dish made of spinach at night for dinner such as chicken stuffed with spinach.

how to get taller

Carrots: Do not go overboard with them as they can be easily consumed. That means, you can eat them raw. Have at least two carrots each day and have them raw. Do not cook them. If you are cooking them increase the amount of carrot. If you like to drink juices, make carrot juice and have them. Everybody knows they have Vitamin A which is good for the eyes. Are you wondering what is the cure for vision problems have to do with being tall? The Vitamin A in carrots help the protein function.

Drink milk: Milk has the ability to make your bones grow and make them strong. In this way, you can grow taller and increase your height. Drink at least 2 cups every day. Milk is a super drink because it is packed with nutrients like Vitamin B-6. It has calcium that is needed for healthy bones.  If you drink it at the beginning of your day, you will feel stronger throughout the day while you work. If you have another glass just before bed, you can sleep better.

how to get taller fast

Sleep: People who slept a lot said they grew tall very fast. Make sure that you are not going to bed hungry since that will bother your sleep. Have a good dinner and go to bed and have a good sleep of at least eight hours. That will also help you feel fresh.  The scientific reason is that the human growth hormone is made in the human body when they are sleeping that is why the doctors advise the babies and children’s parents to make sure they are getting enough sleep. With proper sleep, the pituitary gland makes the human growth hormone(HGH).

Drinks: There are many healthy drinks for growing the height. Those are mostly mixed with milk and they contain calcium that increases the height very fast. Have an egg before you have those drinks. You can try boiling an egg.

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