How to grow taller

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How to grow taller? People who are not happy with their height is always looking for ways to increase it. There is a particular age where you do not have to do anything specific but you just grow because of that age. It is mostly 12 for girls and 13 for boys. The ages vary though meaning someone can grow few inches when they are wither 11, 14 or 15. Some people take advantage of that time to upsurge their height. That is the parents actually who does this for their children. Some people try themselves later on to increase their tallness. Before you try any of the steps, you should know that height is a genetic factor. Here are ways you can grow taller no matter what your age is.

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How to get taller

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Eat your vegetables: You need to have the food that is going to elevate your height. There are many vegetables known for that. Have all these vegetables in your meal: broccoli, turnips, lady’s finger, rhubarb, Brussels sprouts, beans, spinach and peas. Try to include them in your meals and it is not possible to have everything on one day, you can make a routine like Sunday is for broccoli and spinach and Monday is for turnips and peas and so on. They help in encouraging the emission of your growing hormones in your body. If possible, have them raw or cook them. You can have rhubarb and Brussels sprouts in raw state. It will be visible to you that you will grow a few inches. There are some dead growth hormones which can be brought to life with the vegetables mentioned above.

How to grow taller

Sleep a lot: Sleeping has always been known for increasing the height. Many people saw the results with their eyes. That those who slept a long time grew taller than others who did not. The scientific reason is that the human growth hormone is made in the human body when they are sleeping that is why the doctors advise the babies and children’s parents to make sure they are getting enough sleep. With proper sleep, the pituitary gland makes the human growth hormone(HGH).

Avoid steroids and cigarettes: There are things you need to avoid. You must avoid steroids because research says they are known for causing problems with people’s growth hormones. Those who smoke cigarettes or consume alcohol from a young age they are tend to be shorter. Some people say they did not smoke but they are short because they were exposed to smoke, meaning somebody in the house like their father smoked cigarettes.

Have the proper posture: Always stand straight and sit. Not only will this make you look tall but it will also straighten out your spine and make you tall physically. Do not carry heavy bags as it will make you at least half an inch short.  You can always try stretching and do some exercise. It is always wise to exercise and go to bed so that your bones can expand. Do not hunch or lower you head in the downward direction too much. If you are sleeping, face on your right side.

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