How to read palms

How to read palms

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If you are want to know what palms tell about a person than you should know that there are many lines like health line and money line but there are major ones. You can even tell about a person from their fingers and nails. It has started since thousands of years ago in China and still is believed by many people. There are three lines if you look at the pam of your hand. If you want to read it start with one that you use the most. Choosing which hand to read causes the most confusion but you should know that you can read the one that is dominant. Suppose, it is your left hand, look at it and you will see many lines, broken and curved. The three visible lines from the top to bottom are Line A (the heart line), Line B (the head line) and Line C (the life line). Let us see what each of these lines say.

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How to read palms

Line A: If you have a long one, it means that you are a balanced and logical person and people appreciate that about you because you care about their feelings. If it is a short line, it means that you want more independence and you like doing more than talking. If it a wavy and long line, it means that you have a lot of emotion that controls you sometime for good purposes. If you have a curved one but it does not extend much, that means you like being alone with one or two people. If the line is divided into two parts than you are more interested in your benefit than others. If you have an X mark, then it indicates that someone you met was a fraud and made you a fool.

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How to read palms
How to read palms

Line B: If it does not extend much or has a small length, it means that you can come with conclusions quickly. If it is the opposite in appearance, that means you determine something with a lot of patience and a lot of time. If it is a line that has become into two parts, then you can understand what others want and you alter your mind and thoughts often. With a bent and long line, you can think and deduce several solutions for a problem.

Line C: If you have a stretched line that goes up to your thumb or close to it, that means you are a powerful individual and not someone who breaks down easily. You can go through harsh conditions with ease and it can also mean that you are tough and can overcome violence. If it is a small line, it means that you prefer being occupied than being free. In fact, that makes you feel good. If the life line is a faded one compared to the other lines, meaning it appears less deep than it means that you are not enjoying life. Since this is the life line and every mark that is like a break it indicates that you had big troubles.

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