How to read literature like a professor

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How to read literature like a professor? Listening to literature is interesting for the students as they can know about new things and stories. In fact, it is better than other subjects because it is simple to understand if the professor is reading along in the proper way. There are several things you need to notice and once you are careful, you will be reading like a pro in no time. There is a lot of difference between reading literature and other things.  If you are wondering how to read like one, then here are the steps.

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Step 1: Go slow

How to read literature like a professor

How to read literature like a professor

It is a mistake than many new readers make because they forget the fact that they are trying to read like a professor. If you want to be elegant, you must read slowly. Not rushing through the lines will help the listeners understand what the story is about. The professor read slowly so that everyone in the class can comprehend the story and grasp what it is about. Slowly reading can be advantageous to you as well because you will not be making mistakes and remember you have to be very clear on your pronunciation. If you are reading at a fast speed, you might make mistakes like reading “on” as “no” and etc.

Step 2: Know the book

Since you are trying to read like a professor, first of introduce yourself to the book. Ask yourself why you want to choose the book to read for others. Knowing the idea and the answer of why you are reading this can make the reading more beautiful. Before you read something to others make sure you know the overview and why should others hear it. Does it come with eligible information for the audience? Is there anything bad about it or is there any reason to avoid the book? You have to read it yourself first and look for more information about it. That means, browse on the internet for reviews and overviews about it. Find out if there is anything wrong about it. Try to grasp the concept of the book for proper reading. If you read it several times or at least once by yourself, it will become easy to read it like a pro.

Step 3: Bookmark special areas

While you are reading it, there can be many sorts of important things since it is literature, there will be places where the listeners will get excited, sad or happy. Give them the chance to express their feelings as you read along and you should bookmark the areas that are important so that you can stop and give them the chance to express their feelings. You should do it too instead of blankly just reading it aloud. You can even match your voice tone to the special lines. For example, “she cried the whole night thinking there is no hope” make your tone sad not happy or amazed. Reading is one of the best thing ever that some can do but the way you are reading is important.


• Do not make the mistake of reading at the same tone or same speed throughout the story.

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