How to stay awake

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How to stay awake? It can happen that you need to stay up late at night to complete your work for you have to finish the syllabus or your examination. Whatever the case, there are numerous reasons why people had to stay awake at times they should be sleeping. It is normal to feel sleepy after a long day of work, but if you need to stay awake. There can be another circumstance, then you feel sleepy during the day and you cannot give your hundred percent. Many people get upset because of this and they say “I slept then why am I still tired?” Here is how you can help yourself no matter whatever your case it.

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1. Sleep: The simple technique is to sleep for few hours at least two or three if you know that you have to stay up at night studying. If the case is that you feel drowsy during the day at school, office, university etc. than you must get a proper nine hours sleep. If you have taken a proper sleep at night, you will be able to give your full energy to the work the following day. You will be strong, cheerful and powerful. You will be able to focus. If you know that you have to stay up at night, it is a good idea to take a nap or sleep for few hours during the day or at evening. Do not sleep too much, as in do not cross ten to twelve hours because that will have a negative effect and make you tired.

How to stay awake

2. Have a cup of coffee: Start your day with a cup of coffee, if you are feeling tired before even starting the day or you think there is a chance of you feeling drowsy. You can start with a cup of tea and have coffee later on at your workplace because that can boost you up. Do not have more than one cup at once. Have one cup and make sure there is a gap of hew hours before you get the second cup. You can carry around almonds with you and have them from time to time. At your breakfast, no matter what you are having make sure you do not skip the egg.

3. Acupressure: There are many acupressure techniques you can try like pulling down your ear or messaging the top part of your wrist. It is exactly between the thumb and the second finger. You can use the right hand at first and rub that part of your left hand and you can switch. Rub for minutes till you feel better. It should help you stay up.


· Do not just sip on coffee as it can be harmful for you. Drink plenty of water to energize yourself.

· You can walk around every thirty minutes whether it is during the day at your workplace or it is at night at your bedroom, you are up studying or finishing a project.

· You can try yoga to stay awake, that is only if you like yoga.

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