Vape Shops USA


The world has quite changed in the last few years and we have shifted to online vape stores which are providing us free shipping as well. Here we are going to talk about the Vape Shops in US which are the best for you. The benefit is very clear of online vape shops; you exactly get the product you are looking for that too in cheap rates. You can have your needs in mind and then decide which of them you are near to and suites the most. You can use the smoke and vape shop locator to find which of them is near to you.

Halo Cigs

This shop is the name of quality in the United States which was started back in 2009 by three men who had the vision to provide the best quality e-cigarette to the industry. They are currently having a state of the art facility in the Florida and providing the best e-liquid lines to the people out there.

Services and Products

  1. They have high-VG versions of the flavors with their famous original Halo lines as well.
  2. They also produce fruit line and large dessert known as eVo that too in both high PG and high VG.
  3. They are giving high quality vaping hardware to their customers as well along with the e-liquids.
  4. They are offering shipping that too with warranties and 30-days money back guarantee on their hardware products.

Direct Vapor

They are also known as one of the best when we talk about the vaping. Direct vapor is known for their best services and amazing customer service in the US. Their vaping website is the best thing you can look for in the field. They will provide you shipping that too all across the US. They are having a large variety of e-juice lies and quality hardware for vaping.

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Products and Services

  1. The shipping is free on all the orders.
  2. Offering a 60 day warranty to the customers
  3. They don’t have any restocking fee with the return policy which is for 15 days.
  4. They will refund you if can show them the same product in cheaper rates so you can easily get the best products from them in low cost.
  5. They are known for original vaping material no clones there.
  6. They provide offers as well on the site like deals of this week.
  7. Dry herb devices are also available on this vape shop


This shop is based in California and was founded back in 2013. The best shop for vaping hardware and gives you cheap products with the best quality as well. They are among the first shop who stocks the new products in vaping and then offer them to their customers. Their online site is amazing with the description of all the products they have in their shop. They also have earned an award from the BizRate in 2016 for Circle of Excellence which makes them the only award winning vape shop in the US. They are also involved in the American Vaping Association and look to advocate vaping on all the platforms. They are indeed the biggest and best vaping store in US.

Services and Products

  1. They have large variety of e-liquids, devices and accessories as well.
  2. They are very quick in bringing new stocks from the Chinese manufacturers.
  3. Offer products on clearance as well.


They are also based in California and were founded back in 2012. You can get whatever you are looking for in their onsite and online store. They are having a large variety of vaping hardware and e-liquids in their vape shop. They are also the founder of SWITHCHBACK devices which is an e-cig and gives you flovor from both sides.

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Services and Products

  1. They are having the best deals that too in all ranges
  2. The selection of drip tips is indeed large
  3. They have stocks of devices, accessories, e-liquids, rebuilds and tanks.

Black Note

They are a name of high quality and authenticity in the US. This shop was founded back in 2015 and offered some of the best products in the world. They are also providing the alternative to smoking and aims to create smoke free world. They have e-liquids that too in premium quality. They are lacking in the quantity but when it comes to the quality no one can even match them.

Services and Products

  1. Shipping is free for customers.
  2. They are providing tobacco only, natural lineup of e-liquid to the customers.
  3. Labeling on all the products is free which help in getting gifts.
  4. They offer a 90 days return of the product.
  5. They are offering referral program as well and you can get a gift of 10$ per referral.
  6. Rewards programs offered by them are unique in the vape shops USA.

The name also suggests that they are offering deals on almost all the biggest brand in the vaping. However their focus is on liquids so you can get the best quality e-juices from them in cheaper rates as compared to other vaping stores in the country.

Services and Products

  1. They are offering a number of brands in their sale.
  2. The main focus is on sale and offer coupon codes as well.
  3. They provide the cheap quality products on the best quality products if vaping.
  4. Deals are great on this vape shop e.g. they even bundle up the liquid and hardware that too on cheap cost.
  5. If you want to see a brand on their site you can give them the feedback and they will add it up in their list of products.
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These are the best vape shops you can look for in the United States. All of them are offering quality products regarding e-liquids, juices and even vaping hardware.

Have you tried any of the above shop? If yes how was your experience? Or you think some other shop is the best in US then leave it in the comments and we will add it in the article.