How to make a saddle in Minecraft

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How to make a saddle in Minecraft? If you have a pig, horse, mule or a donkey you will need the saddle to go faster. You have to hold the carrot stick to control your pig. If you are thinking of what comes next, is to know how to put a saddle on the horse. To do that, you will require armor, saddle, wheat and horse egg.  Horses are a new addition the 1.6 version of the game. Here is how you can make a saddle.

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If you do not know how to use a saddle after finding one, simply start by petting a wild horse. You can find them in fields or other green areas. Roam around to look for them. If you get up on it, you will fall off. As soon as it starts to like you, you will find hearts on the screen. That means, it will let you sit on it. The saddle should be in the inventory. You will get a photo of the horse. Put the saddle in the slot where you have its image. It is different in the case of pigs though.

How to make a saddle in Minecraft

How to make a saddle in Minecraft

Look for them in Chests

While you are on your journey, search for chests. On your journey, you are going to see a lot of chests and open all of them that you see.  There are certain parts where your chances are high.

Discover a Dungeon

You must have a dungeon in your world so go there. Saddles can be present in the dungeons. There is a huge chance the saddle becomes a wealth and it gets deposited there. If you have no idea what a dungeon looks like, it would have moss-covered stone floors, walls and roof. It will be a cobblestone and moss mixture. The chest may contain skeleton or zombies. There is a high probability to get a chest with a saddle. The chances of not getting a saddle from the chest of a dungeon is less than one percent.

Search for a Nether fortress at the Nether

Utilize obsidian blocks to make a Nether portal. Do not visit the Nether unarmed. You have more than thirty percent chance to spot a saddle in the Nether.

Find a desert temple.

Start with a big desert and the temples will appear automatically.  After you get a temple, search for the clay which will be at the middle of the ground. Start digging and you will get several chests. You are supposed to get a saddle in at least one of the chests. Examine the pressure using something else first.

Look around for a blacksmith

There are going to be in the villages. They have chests inside the blacksmiths’ buildings.

Search inside wild mineshafts and forest temples.

There is around a twenty percent chance to find a saddle in one of those areas. Mineshaft will be easier for you than the jungle. Make sure not to get yourself locked in the traps of the forest.


• You can also get saddle by fishing or trading.

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