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How to put in a tampon

How to put in a tampon

How to put in a tampon? Period can be a painful time particularly when you have cramps. Tampons are there to help you. If you can learn to put it in and take it out, you should be able to get comfortable with it. There are two parts of the tampon. One is the tampon and the other is the string. Make sure you never break the string. If you are having to find out where the hole is, you can use a mirror as well. It is almost not possible to put in the wrong hole but still it is better to be careful.

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Step 1: There are many tampons out there in the markets but pick one that has a plastic applicator. Gather your money and buy one that you like. Check the market and see what others are using. You can ask your female best friend what they use and which brand do they like. Just like there are multiple manufacturers selling sanitary napkins and pads, the same goes for tampons. It also depends on the level of blood flow.

How to put in a tampon

How to put in a tampon

Step 2: It can be the difficult step for the ones using it for the first time and those who have never touched their vagina. They need to locate their vagina correctly and insert the tampon there. It is below the hole from which the person urinates. For people who are having the period for the first time, their hole would be smaller in size compared to others. Do this inside the bathroom and it will take some time so be patient and do not give up.

Step 3: Do not put too much pressure or insert in the wrong place because it will hurt. You need to be gentle and slow on it. Sit on the toilet or just separate your legs. It is normal to get afraid and if that happens you can come back later to it after half an hour. If you can find the exact position of your vagina, insert it gently by twisting it slightly.

Step 4: It is simply a piece of cotton that will be inside you so do not be scared. It will get bigger in size when it is soaking blood. Do not make the mistake of thinking that it is stuck inside you. You should be fast but not hurt yourself. Make sure the string does not get torn and pull it out when you are done. If you are being too slow, it will hurt your vagina. Do not flush anything and throw them out in the trash can by wrapping around in tissues.


• Make sure that you have washed your hands and you are not getting any sort of germs in those sensitive areas. The hands should be dry as well when you are inserting the tampon.

• Do not wear a tampon if you are going to visit a water park, swimming pool or any other water activity. You have to wear a pad if you are going swimming.

How to fix a zipper

How to fix a zipper

How to fix a zipper? You may want to fix a zipper if it stops working and you are being unable to close something like the pair of jeans, a bag or a jacket. There are many causes to why this happens and here we will see how to fix them on those occasions. It is also known as a clasp locker that uses teeth to secure something in place. It has been around since millions of years but at first it was not successful. There were many inventors who contributed to the changes in the zipper we have today. The final design of the zipper arrived at 1930. Here are various scenarios and how to fix it.

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How to fix an immovable zipper? If your zipper is stuck in one place, you may want to lubricate it using graphite. It can be hard to find graphite at home but you will be surprised to know that it is found in your ordinary pencil. All you have to do it rub with the pencil’s top on the teeth. Do not do anything with the zipper. Simply make the track smooth so that it will close by itself without hassle. You can try moving the zipper to check if it has become smooth or not. Graphite is actually used a lubricant in many places and it is sold in tubes. You do not have to take the trouble of buying it, you can just use a pencil you find at home. If the graphite technique is not working you have to clean the teeth and the bottom part of the zipper using a solution of water and laundry soap. Use cotton tips to insert in the solution and clean the teeth. Let it dry and see if the zipper is working. If it is still not working, use the pencil again. This time the stuck zipper will get fixed because it is clean now and the graphite will work perfectly.

How to fix a zipper

How to fix a zipper

How to fix a broken slider

People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that they need a new zipper every time their slider gets broken or damaged.  You just have to get a new zipper slider. It is that section of the zipper that travels up and down the teeth.

How to fix a detached zipper

You can use a zipper cleaner that you can purchase from the stores and if you are looking for home remedies, you need to make a solution. You can try the DIY one since many people have complains that the store-bought ones do not make the teeth smoother or the zipper work. The solution should be half part water and half part soap and mix them well. Get a soft and clean small piece of mat or rug. Dip that in water and clean the dirt around and let it dry. Once it is fully dry, you should be able to pull up the zipper. The reason your zipper got separated is because of the load inside your bag. You should try to empty it as much as you can and reduce the pressure or else it will happen again.

How to make lean

Sometimes, you may need extra space to keep your extra things and the children can play under its shelter. It makes a good place for everyone and can serve for different purpose depending on the structure and materials you use for the lean and walls. Sometimes, lean shelters are used in the woods o protect against the wild animals. There are many sorts of lean and here is the one you can make in the jungle.

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Step 1: Find a spot. You will need to walk around and find which is the right place for you. You want me close to the water but not excessively close. You have to far away from the place where wild animals prey. Many people are not aware of stones and rocks falling from above. The forest is an uneven area, a big rock can come rolling and hit you.  Look at the trees and see if you find any of them being similar in size with a distance of around five feet.

How to make lean

Step 2: Look for materials

Get the requirements for the lean. Evaluate how many materials you will require and what they are. You will need a thick piece of long wood and it can be from a dead tree or a cut one. It can be difficult for you to chop a tree and you will be doing harm to the environment. Use ropes to tie the piece of long wood to both the trees and make sure the end is sticking out at least seven inches. pick out strong ropes and make them into cow hitch or clove hitch knots. You can buy all-purpose rope from any store or online before you go to the woods.

Step 3: Attach the beams

Before you start attaching the beams, make sure that the main base is secured. It is the thick piece you just tied to both the trees. It should be a little bit above or below your hip. Get on it and sit to check if it falls or not. If it falls down, utilize more ropes and make tighter knots. Beams are what you will find in the forest, if you look here and there, they are elongated, tough piece of shaped timber to support the roof of a lean.

Step 4: Gather leaves

If you have already brought a tarp with you then you can be saved from the trouble of carrying leaves. Look for big fallen leaves in the woods. Gather enough to put on your beams. While you have attached the beams, you are not supposed to use ropes because that will make it a difficult job. You are supposed to interlace them.

Step 5: Test your lean

After you make something, you must test it. In this case, put on leaves and check if it can protect you from rain or wind. If the wind is blowing it away get more heavy and wide leaves. Try dropping few drops of water from your water bottle and if the water enters the shelter, that means you need more piles of leaves.

How to stay awake

How to stay awake? It can happen that you need to stay up late at night to complete your work for you have to finish the syllabus or your examination. Whatever the case, there are numerous reasons why people had to stay awake at times they should be sleeping. It is normal to feel sleepy after a long day of work, but if you need to stay awake. There can be another circumstance, then you feel sleepy during the day and you cannot give your hundred percent. Many people get upset because of this and they say “I slept then why am I still tired?” Here is how you can help yourself no matter whatever your case it.

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1. Sleep: The simple technique is to sleep for few hours at least two or three if you know that you have to stay up at night studying. If the case is that you feel drowsy during the day at school, office, university etc. than you must get a proper nine hours sleep. If you have taken a proper sleep at night, you will be able to give your full energy to the work the following day. You will be strong, cheerful and powerful. You will be able to focus. If you know that you have to stay up at night, it is a good idea to take a nap or sleep for few hours during the day or at evening. Do not sleep too much, as in do not cross ten to twelve hours because that will have a negative effect and make you tired.

How to stay awake

2. Have a cup of coffee: Start your day with a cup of coffee, if you are feeling tired before even starting the day or you think there is a chance of you feeling drowsy. You can start with a cup of tea and have coffee later on at your workplace because that can boost you up. Do not have more than one cup at once. Have one cup and make sure there is a gap of hew hours before you get the second cup. You can carry around almonds with you and have them from time to time. At your breakfast, no matter what you are having make sure you do not skip the egg.

3. Acupressure: There are many acupressure techniques you can try like pulling down your ear or messaging the top part of your wrist. It is exactly between the thumb and the second finger. You can use the right hand at first and rub that part of your left hand and you can switch. Rub for minutes till you feel better. It should help you stay up.


· Do not just sip on coffee as it can be harmful for you. Drink plenty of water to energize yourself.

· You can walk around every thirty minutes whether it is during the day at your workplace or it is at night at your bedroom, you are up studying or finishing a project.

· You can try yoga to stay awake, that is only if you like yoga.

How to lose 10 pounds in a week

A week, as well all know refers to 7 days and this means that it is a diet plan for seven days.  People should not starve themselves but the secret to rapid loss in burning more than your intake. You can contact a registered nutritionist and dietitian for more help. You should concentrate on getting the food nutrition and therefore not include any weight-loss supplements or medicines. In this way, you can stay healthy and fit. Here is how you can lose 10 pounds in a week.

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Step 1: Follow the diet plan (fresh food only)

How to lose 10 pounds in a week

Day One: Have only fruits like strawberries, watermelon, apples, oranges, pineapples, cherries and lemons.

Day Two: Have only vegetables like broccoli, green beans, asparagus, capsicum, cabbage, spinach, carrot and pepper. On this day, eat only vegetables, either boil them, have them raw or make a salad.

Day Three: Have both fruits and vegetables

You can make salad with greens. You can have the fruits or breakfast and the vegetables for lunch and dinner. Have them raw if you can and boil the ones that requires boiling. You can have steamed broccoli, boiled spinach and raw carrots. Do not peel the carrots or throw the stems of the broccoli.

Day Four: Bananas, milk and soup with low calories

Day four can be rough as it lies in the mid-week and in the center of the diet platform. To cheer up, remind yourself that you are but you are almost coming to the end of the week. There are many ways to make soup with low calories. Here are names of some soups that you can make after you read the recipe from the internet: Carrot and tomato soup, asparagus soup, chicken bone broth, mussel soup with squash and chicken with mushroom soup.

Day Five: Mix rice, fruits and vegetables

Now that you are coming to an end to the diet week, you will already feel lighter and see visible changes in your body. The main ingredient today should be tomato no matter what you are eating. You can go with baked tomato and scrambled eggs for breakfast, tomato soup with vegetable rice for lunch and boiled and raw vegetables for dinner. You can flavor your rice with jalapeno and cilantro to enhance the taste.

Day Six: Rice and vegetables

On this day, have rice and vegetables with the soup and salads you made on the second and fourth day.

Day Seven: Salad, soup and rice.

It is the last day and have the salad, soup and rice.

Step 2: Sleep enough

You should get proper rest when you are on the diet. Do not stay up late at night. Do not oversleep. Sleep around eight to ten hours.

Step 3: Exercise

While you are on this diet of seven days, spend some hours of the day running and reward yourself with delicious veggies and fruits. Have plenty of water and make sure you are not putting too much pressure on yourself. Rest in between long runs.


· Do not stay hungry, every time you start to starve have an orange or an apple.

How to flirt with a girl

Talking to girls is not a tough thing but flirting with them can. Men have the wrong concept that it is impossible to understand a woman but it is not correct. There are several aspects you should notice before you think of flirting with the person or else you will end up embarrassing yourself. First of all, see if she likes you more than a friend or not and whether she is single. It will be a huge embarrassment and disappointment for you if she is engaged, married or not interested in you. Unless you insult a women or say something to hurt her, you are on the right route on impressing her. Here is how to flirt with a girl

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Step 1: Girls are not something you can buy or something cheap. They look for real men and affection. They do not like imposters, liars or fake people. When you have a target, simple talk to her and see if she is the right one to flirt with. Ask her about her relationship status (single, married, widowed etc.) Do not ask on the first day. After you talk for a few days, you can ask it without making a big fuss because that will scare her.

How to flirt with a girl

Step 2: You need to understand that there are many girls out there and not everyone is made for you. Make sure she is interested in you and she is also flirting with you whether it is just a smile. You should upgrade your flirting procedure if she is making small moves. Smile at her whenever you are with here. If you are being moody while you are around her, you may never get to move on the next stage of flirting. If she is smiling, smile back at her. You can even tell her that you do not smile often but she is the reason of your smile. Girls love it when their man is smiling at them.

Step 3: Give her compliments. While you both start talking frequently do not forget to compliment her whether it is on the phone or online or on text messages. In fact, if she ever shared something with you, try to remember the little details and tell that to surprise her. If she likes her hair, compliment her about it. If she is looking pretty, tell her that. Do not ever say something that will upset her. You can even talk about something you noticed about her even before you started talking to her. That will surprise her more.

Step 4: Compliment yourself. Now this may sound a little weird, but while you are talking about the bright sides of her like her hair, pretty face, shoes and dress, do not forget yourself. One part of flirting is talking about yourself and talk about incidents that make you look like a winner or a hero. If you saved a cat from a tree recently, tell her that. You can tell her if you baked something. Girls love honesty and someone who can cook.


· Tell her funny stories, jokes from time and utilize your sense of humor.

· Dress nicely and in clean clothes around her.

How to read a tape measure

How to read a tape measure? A measure is also known as a measuring tape and it can be used to measure anything. It can be made of a ribbon, fiber glass, metal strip, plastic. They have measurements in a straight line and everybody is familiar with this. They have either used measuring tape is the form of a ribbon for measuring their waist or at the tailor’s place. Every tool box has measuring tapes in the form of metal strip for regular use. It consists of units of length, that means inches and centimeters and it easy to read them. There are many companies manufacturing them and you make your one from the hardware store. Here is how you can read the tape.

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Step 1: Take out a strip of the measuring tape and you will see big numbers. Those are the inches. After 12 inches, you will there is a mark because that makes 1 foot. A measuring tape that is a metal strip usually lasts longer than 6 feet. Some tape measure continues with 13 inches after the 12 inches but some may begin from 1 again because it makes a foot. There are many small straight lines, look at the big ones that marks exactly.


Step 2: As mentioned above, the big marks are for inches not the bold numbers themselves. There will be another big marking but smaller and lighter than the inch one. It is supposed to be between two bold numbers, meaning between 1 and 2. That is indicating that it is half an inch. It will not have any numbers mentioned so you need to find out the second largest mark. It is supposed to be 1.5 if it is between 1 and 2 but nothing will be written there.

Step 3: Later look at the third largest mark. They are slimmer and smaller than the inch or half inch marks. There are exactly four quarter in an inch. It means that the first one is indicating that it is a quarter, the second one is the mark of the half inch and the third one is again another quarter meaning 1.75 if it is the third mark between 1 and 2. Lastly, the big mark is the last sign of the quarter. We all know that 25 multiplied with four makes it hundred. The same law goes here, that the mark after 1 means 1.25, then 1.50, later 1.75 and lastly 2.00.

Step 4: If you look closer, there are one-eight markings and there are 8 of them. If you are calculating in more details with high precision, you need to familiar with the 16 small marks. In fact, they are the tiniest mark on the measuring tape and they help you to be exact. In one quarter, there are 4 of the smallest marks.


· Measuring tape comes with a hook so that it is easy to use.

· Handle them with care and do not let the children touch it.

How to smoke weed

People knows that life is better without weed or marijuana but some make the bad choice and go with it. The sadder part is that it is increasing with time. Now, more people are depending on it and they are causing more harm to the people. It brings a person in a weird state and it is better to avoid it as much as you can. Some people still do it because they enjoy it and if you on that group than this article is for you. What you should know is that it is illegal and can cause a lot of damage to your body particularly to your lungs. Cannabis is a bad plant that is considered illegal to plant in many countries like the UK. The original name for weed is marijuana. Some states in United States allows it but with strict rules and for recreational purpose only. For example, a person living in Colorado can plant only six of the plants in their house.

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How to smoke weed

Step 1: Pick out the time to do it

It is a must that you find the right time to do it. It can be that there are guests coming over or your parents are home. It is best to know which is the perfect time when nobody will be around. Another reason to do this alone is if anybody is around you, they can harm their bodies by being around you. You may be home with a baby or just baby-sitting and you think it is perfectly alright because there are no adults. It is completely wrong because it causes harm to the baby.

Step 2: Do not leave the house to get weed

If you are going out to get them, the people you are living with will become suspicious. Some people choose to get them after school or class hours but they still got caught because the parents were in doubt why their kid is late. Nowadays, parents are also aware that youngsters are getting into the habit of marijuana, so they are always careful. You should not leave your house because on your way in, they may want to check your pockets or bag.

Step 3: Look for a window

When you are smoking weed, make sure the window is open in your bedroom. The smoke needs a way to leave and without an open airway, there is no other option. It does not necessarily have to be your personal bedroom, it could any room but there should be a fireplace duct or a big open window. People who ignore the window part because they do not care about the smell will also put their health in danger.

Step 4: Get rid of the smell

Turn on extra fans while you are doing it and make sure your washroom has those ventilators that can wash out the air by getting rid of bad particles. You can make the room smell good using an air freshener or a shampoo. You can shampoo your hair right after you smoke weed so that the whole room will get filled by the smell of shampoo. Lastly, throw away the leftovers and what not.

How to get rid of hickies

How to get rid of hickies? Some people like the mark of a hickey (also known as bug bite and love bite) as it is something given with love and some want to remove them as it can be embarrassing in public. The love bite can on boys and girls from their partners. It does not last a long time almost few days and if you have proper health it will go away faster. It depends on two factors- the intensity of the hickey and your health condition. If the partner, have done it aggressively, it is supposed to last longer.  Hickey is getting common nowadays and people who needs to get rid of them are looking for ways to find them. Here are some ways to get rid of them.

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1. Apply Ice: Put an ice bag or rub an ice on the hickey. Keep a spoon in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes and after you take it out, put it right on the mark. If you are having trouble handling the ice with bare, use a clean soft cloth and put the ice in it and apply to the mark. Make sure you use the ice cube completely and do not throw it away after few seconds. The cold process is a fast way to remove them and if you are in a rush, this is a good way.

How to get rid of hickies

2. Have green vegetables

As mentioned above, proper diet is a must here. If you are those kind of people who skips meals or eats a lot of junk food, then you have to sit with hickey and wait even up to 11 days for it to leave your skin. Purchase fresh leafy vegetables like spinach, parsley, lettuce, kale and cabbage from the supermarket. Have them every day until the hickey goes away. You need to consume as much as greens as you can because they have Vitamin k and it is an essential Vitamin for the process.

3. Utilize a Coin

Using the coin is a very popular step that you will come across every time you try to find out about how to get rid of hickies. You can ask someone in person or search on the web and you will get the coin trick. It is not a fun trick because it the most painful one, more than applying cold ice or having green leafy vegetables. This is another process that will help you if you are going out and you notice that the mark is showing too much. Stretch your skin or ask someone else to do it and get a coin and start rubbing the hickey. It is one of the best methods to clean more than one hickey.


· If you do not like a hickey, plus you need to remove them every time you get one, then ask your partner to give you a hickey. You can start by telling them that it is painful and you get hurt.

· Do not give anyone a hickey without permission because if they do not like it, the situation will get difficult.

How to get rid of razor bumps

Razor bumps happen to men when they shave. It does not always happen; it is an irritation in the skin. They are small bumps on your face. It can happen that if you overlook a hair, it may curl back and grow into the facial skin. It is just like a pimple. It is not necessary that it happened because of regular shaving, it can happen because of electric trimmers. The area can turn red.

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How to get rid of razor bumps

Method 1: Try exfoliating your facial skin

Check your kitchen and see if you have baking soda. Baking powder will not work. You need a regular facewash or if you use any special men’s facewash you have to mix them both. You will get a mixture of baking soda and the facewash and make a paste. Slowly rub it all over your face and not just in the spot of the razor bump. Leave it for about seven minute and wash it off with cold water. Another one that you can try if you do not have baking soda is coconut oil and oatmeal and take the same amount of both such as 3 tablespoons of each. This is a good selection of men with dry skin. If your skin regularly gets pimples or is sensitive, you can try 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and 3 tablespoons of honey. Rub the mixture over your face and leave them for seven minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Method 2: Use creams that treat razor bumps

You will find them at the medical store. You can look for special creams that take care of the irritated skin. It will get rid of the redness and slowly cure the razor bump. It will not go away in a day. Do not get impatient or scratch the area since the cream can make it itchy. Glycolic acid lotion is better than salicylic acid and you can purchase the lotion from the supermarket or online. Make sure you read the rules and treat the razor bumps in the right way by applying them properly. They are even used for treating pimples and the lotion with take away the redness and make your face look normal. Do not use any thing that has alcohol in it. The Glycolic acid lotion helps in getting the skin in its normal form. Since they unclog pores, it will release the hair.

Method 3: Add cooling items

Start with a good baby powder. Baby powders are used for infants and they have good qualities particularly for an infected area. It does not matter that you are an adult, apply the baby powder. One way to enhance the method is to add ice to the razor bump or in the red area and then wipe off the water. Then, apply the baby power. Do not shave that region. An easy way to apply ice is taking them in a towel and putting them on the affected area.