How to run faster

How to run faster

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How to run faster? When you think of increasing your speed, the first thing that will come to mind is to run more in order to be faster than you are now. That is not the only way you can run faster. There are other ways too. Many people do not understand that some things take patience and time. It is one of those activities that takes a lot of time and practice. You should remember not to put pressure on yourself and forcing your legs to go fast in a short time can cause injuries. Some people need guidance and that is a good thing. You can take help from others and increase your speed slowly. Not only men, women also want to run faster and it is important for a lot of reasons. In case, a hijacker runs away with their purse they can chase and catch him and take the bag. Here is how to upsurge the velocity.

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Step 1: Run slow. It may sound strange to you but try running slow one day and the other day go fast for the same distance. It is not necessary that you go gradually increase your rate and it can also put pressure on your bones, toes and other parts of the leg. The days you will go slow will add up speed the next day you go for the run. It saves your energy and make you feel strong and fresh. You can even choose to run in two different intensities each day. The first half an hour go slow and the next half an hour go fast. While you go slow, you are actually training yourself for a marathon without even knowing. You provide the legs with blood they need through the appropriate blood circulation and breathing in the oxygen.

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How to run faster
How to run faster

Step 2: Move your arms

Arms are an important part of running and not only the feet. They will follow the law of physics and when you are moving them hard in the front and backwards direction, you will increase the rate. Your shoulders push the whole body to go swifter. The arms provide an upward force in the front direction and make it easy to go forward without much trouble or force. The air resistance decreases and there is push from the back and all this results in the person going forward in a straight line.

Step 3: Preparing yourself

As always, clothes have played a vital part in everywhere. A doctor wears an apron, a pilot wears his uniform and an athlete has their sport garments. In your case, you will need running shoes. Do not expect to run in any shoe you have lying at home. Go to the market and select the best running shoes you find. Get a friend to help you if you are comfortable running in front of them. Find a nice place to run, make sure it is perfect for you. Have a healthy diet to help you stay strong.

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