The Best Decks For Arena 8


Following is the list and the description of the decks from Arena 8 that can enable you to emerge a winner in the Legendary Arena.  The listed decks are associated with cards that are required to be unlocked after reaching this Arena. There is no way you can access this respectful cards if it chances that you have not entered the Legendary Arena.

  1. The Hog Freeze: This is made up of the skeleton card, the spear goblins card, the knight card, the hog rider card, the Tesla card, the cannon card, the fireball card and the freeze.
Best Decks For Arena 8
Best Decks For Arena 8

Despite the fact that a number of cards inclusive in this Arena are capable of being obtained in the initial Arenas, the associated synergy work of the cards is very well when it comes to the legendary Arena. One thing that you are required to pay attention is ensuring that you are smart and also precise while using the hog freeze deck against the units of your opponent. Applying this deck when required to stop the enemy and making elixir trades that are positive is vital requirement towards emerging a winner in this deck. As a player, you will always wish to remain in a position where you are promised of gaining more number of elixir that is open to you as compared to your enemy.

The hog rider card is what forms the basis of the hog freeze’s offense. You are required to apply this deck in charging the tower of your opponent and put a hurt on them as a result. Applying for the hog rider card as the opponent is on effect by the frozen deck is a clear pathway of allowing you to cause a lot of destruction to the towers of your enemy as his/her units are not in a position of stopping it. This becomes more successful when the enemy is not in a position of playing the other cards while you are possessing a large number of elixir as compared to him/her.

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When the Tesla card is placed in a good manner it forms a basic defense against the units of your enemy. This is the same case when it comes to the fireball card and the cannon card. This becomes successful when you are required to handle a large number of the goblins group, minions group and also another group that consists of the summoning cards. As a player, you are required to provide the defense to these kinds of cards every time when you realize there is a waste of options by your enemy. In this case, it is vital to hit these cards hard using an attack that is well placed by use of the hog rider card.

The Best Choice Of Decks For Arena 9

In this case, the best choice is the deck known as the log bait rocket cycle. This deck is made up of the rocket troop, the knight troop, the princess troop, the ice spirit troop, the goblin barrel troop, the log troop, the inferno tower troop, and the spear goblins troop.

This is deck is the one that is currently trending in the market. It is considered as the deck that is the most insane at each and every time and is always pretty powerful.  As a player, you are only required to bait out the spells of your enemy using the goblin gang troop and the princess troop and the followed by using the goblin barrel troop as one way of causing a lot of destruction. You are required to begin with the princess troop on the back of the tower and come up with an understanding of the kinds of spells that are possessed by your enemy and then deploy your troops as per the requirement.  You are required to maintain deploying the barrels troops and the princesses troops as one way of ensuring that your enemy is always on pressure and then damage all the towers and emerge the winner of the challenge with ease.

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If it chances that you are not pleased with this kind of troop and you are in need of something that is interesting, choose the Larry Valkyrie deck or the hog rocket cycle. The Larry Valkyrie deck is made up of the bat troop, the fireball troop, the log troop, the electric wizard troop, the wizard troop, the tornado troop, the Valkyrie troop and the skeleton army troop. On the other hand, the hog rocket cycle is made up of the bat troop, the hog rider troop, the princess troop, the mini PEKKA troop, the rocket troop, the ice spirit troop, the log troop and the ice golem troop.

Best Decks For Arena 8
Best Decks For Arena 8

The Best Choice For Arena 10

The deck knowns as the mortar cycle are considered as the best option for Arena 10. This deck is made up of the mortar troop, the knight troop, the ice spirit troop, the goblins troop, the arrows troop, the log troop, the rocket troop and the archer troop.

This deck is considered to be the best option when it comes to trophy pushing for those who have skill. This deck is associated with six commons, one rare and one level of the independent legendary. Therefore, upgrading your level in this deck is something that is pretty and easy and is capable of being conducted within a short period of time. One way of emerging a winner in this level is cycling your respective mortar, which is not hard when it comes to this deck and then protect it. This is an essential practice, mostly against the tanks. You will obviously become super strong immediately after mastering this deck. The rocket troop is identified as the tower finisher and is taken as the win condition that is secondary for this deck.  A case where the mortar troop is not considered to be having damage dealing option that is not good, the player can turtle up and then become the rocket cycle troop.

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