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Bamboo House is located in 540 Waugh Dr, Houston, TX 77019. It is a place serving Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food. If you want food delivered, visit their website at There is a lot of variety of foods on their and they fall on several different categories. Since it can be difficult for you to pick, here are some of the ones you should try or you can choose if you are confused. The place receives a lot of positive reviews because of its ambience, food and service. The only reason you will find negative reviews are because of the price. People do not like paying so much to have Asian food. Instead of getting home delivery or take out, eating there is wiser decision. The reason is because the containers are too small.

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If you are eating there, you will find the servings to be generous. Besides, if you choose online, there are less options. When you go up front, you will discover more food items that you can order. One way the Bamboo House in Houston can help you is if you are craving for Asian food on a Sunday. Most other places are closed on that day. Even though the items are expensive to many people, most of them still comes back because of the taste and quality of food. There are some dishes though that will make you full while being reasonable. Here are some of the items so that you do not have to go through the menu for hours or regret ordering something.

Bamboo House

Bamboo House


Thai Sa-Tae Chicken

If you are ready for an exotic dinner that has a beautiful flavor, stop by Bamboo House and get this. Even though it falls in the list of appetizers, it will be enough to fill you up. You might have planned a three-course meal in mind. You can plan to have a dinner to fill you up because nobody likes to starve later on after returning home. You can pick an appetizer of your choice and an entrée (they have a lot of shrimp and chicken entrees) and dessert. When you will first hear about Thai Sa-Tae chicken, you will look for it in the Entrée section of the menu. The surprising part is that they put it in the appetizer even though it is enough to make you full. It has the taste of Thai that you are looking for.

It comes with a unique sauce of peanut and cucumber salad. Not only for dinner, this is a perfect light lunch. It is better to not eat too much at lunch since you have to get back to work. Besides, this is healthy, fresh and quick. Just have those delicious Thai Sa-Tae Chicken and you can be done with a delicious meal in no time. The price is only $6.95. That is one way to eat at a reasonable price in Bamboo House. If you have planned a three-course meal, you must have brought more than $30 dollars. Then, you can call Bamboo House expensive. $30 for a meal!

Hot and Sour Soup

Some people have problems with the quantity but still they come back to Bamboo House for the taste. The Hot and Sour Soup is one of the soup you can have at only $3.95 and it will make you want to have more. If you are visiting there for the first time, the section of soup may confuse you. There are many options such as Miso Soup, Wonton Soup, Tom Yum Chicken or Shrimp, Tom Kha Chicken or Shrimp. Just like most Chinese restaurants, the shrimp one costs more than the ones containing chicken. Nonetheless, the pricing is less and the best one is Hot and Sour Soup. Although if you like spicy, you can try the Tom Yum Chicken or Shrimp or Tom Kha Chicken or Shrimp. The only difference is one is a lime broth and the other is coconut milk. If it is winter, it is the perfect time to have the soup. Some people also like the Egg Drop soup. The best part is that they use tofu instead of pork or other meat. Pork in Hot and Sour soup ruins the taste but tofu makes it all better. The sour part of the soup comes from vinegar. The hot part comes from the pepper. That is how it gets the name and the chef at Bamboo House prepares it.

Pad Thai 

If you are a noodles fan, you should pick Pad Thai of Bamboo House which is only $11.95. It is perfect if you like spicy and hot noodles with peanuts. You can also try the Pad Se Ew because it contains broccoli that means it is much healthier and it is serve with soy sauce. If you are more on the non-veg side, the Pad Thai is perfect. It has no broccoli, carrots but peanuts and cilantro. If you want you can add beef or shrimp instead of chicken to match with your taste. The price is $11.95. You do not want to take this home as the container is small in size. It is better to eat there. Taking the noodles seems like a better option than taking the fried rice because it is cheaper and the taste is much better. The ingredients are much more attractive than the ones used in rice.

Red Curry 

It is a dish that you can get with either beef, shrimp or chicken which is supposed to be spicy. Many customers and guests love it because they say it has the correct amount of spice and the perfect taste. It costs $12.95. The reason it is so delicious is because of the coconut milk. You can have it with brown or white rice and that will make a meal at under $13. There is no need to pay extra unless you take beef or shrimp. The chicken red curry is the best so no need to spend $2 and substitute the meat because the way it is, is delicious. It is an inexpensive way to have your meal at Bamboo House because you get chicken red curry and rice at this price.

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