Primo Pizza

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Primo Pizza and Pasta is situated in 7110 Avenida Encinas Ste 103 of Carlsbad, California zip code 92011. If you are looking for Italian food inspired by New York, you should come here. It is not for just snacks, it is the right spot to fill your tummy on lunch and dinner. They are open every day from 10:30 morning to 9 PM night and on Friday and Saturday they are open for an extra half an hour. Their phone number is 760-431-7155. You can get food delivered at your door step if you contact them from their official website or call on their phone number. You can count on them because they get a lot of positive reviews.

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Their food: As you can tell from the name, they Italian food such as Pasta and Pizza. If you order the cheese bread, ensure that you include marinara which is a blend of tomato which tastes savory and sweet at the same time. You will love their Greek salad because it comes with feta cheese, pepperonis and olives as the topping. The calzone costing around $11.99 is big enough for more than two people to share and eat. The calzones come in four flavors: spinach, pepperoni and sausage, sausage and pepper and salami and ham. Their food taste so good that they never received any complaints about the taste. The sauce they make is mouthwatering and if you want the perfect crush, order their pizza. Their food is tempting and attractive. The sandwiches are filled with various kinds of stuffing such as mozzarella cheese, meatballs, mayonnaise, bell pepper, red sauce and if you add $1.79 you can get a soup or salad. If you have the craving for a pizza and have less than ten dollars, you can get a nice big one of nine inches at only $7.39. Even with three toppings it is only $9.64.

Primo Pizza

Primo Pizza

Italian Sausage, Black Olives, Pepperoni, Salami, Bell Peppers, Basil, Onions, Ham, Canadian Bacon, Fresh Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Garlic, Zucchini, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Anchovies Artichoke Hearts, Pineapple, Eggplant, Jalapeno, Spinach, Bacon, Homemade Meatball, Feta Cheese, Chicken and Shrimp. You can pick any of the toppings you want and the prize increases with the number of toppings and sizes. There is no limit to the number of topping you want but you have to keep on adding to the cost. For example, if you want additional three toppings to a twelve-inch pizza, you have to add $3($1 for one additional topping). If choosing a topping does not interest you then pick the ones they already have made for you. They are the specialty ones such as Meat Loves, where you can get more than five toppings at only #11 for the smallest one which is quite big for one person (nine inches). The primo special is full of ingredients and toppings but the pricing starts from only $11.49.

The pasta section is appetizing for both vegetarians and meat and noodles lovers as well as cheese fans. You can have lasagna, linguini, fettuccini and spaghetti. The prices also revolve around $11. Some are less than that such as the meat lasagna is only $9.49 and fettuccini with shrimp is $11.99. If a family of four is visiting or a group of people such as four friends are visiting they can pick the spaghetti bucket. Instead of ordering individually and making the bill around $40 you can save by ordering for all the people with only $20. There are various kinds of salad for you such as Garden Salad, Greek Salad, Caesar Salad , Primo Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad and more. You can get soup at only $3. They have yummy appetizers such as Italian sausage and garlic cheese bread.

Their dessert section contains sweet dishes such as German Chocolate Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Caramel Fudge Brownie Cheesecake, Chocolate Wipeout, New York Cheesecake etc. They cost under $3.99. They have beverages such as Coke, Lemonade, Dr. Pepper and you can get cans for delivery.

Their service 

They would love to serve foods in any occasions or events such as weddings and birthday parties. They never disappoint their customers. Once a guest came in at the last minute to save her party because the original venue was closed. Even though Primo Pizza and Pasta has rules about informing early for parties and such, they still managed to serve all the guests. If you need a place with friendly service, this should be perfect for you. It is disappointing that many places are not welcoming nowadays. It also happens that when a customer complimented the food, the waiter or the lady at the cash register did not even smile. Some restaurants also repeatedly mention on their website that “we have a friendly environment” whereas in reality there is none. Whereas Primo Pizza and Pasta do not brag or boast about their welcoming nature or amiable behavior on their website, the customers are the ones who get impressed by it and talks about it. That is true achievement when you are not the one bragging about yourself but someone else is.

Their ambience

When you have a restaurant where the staffs are all hard-working, nice and well-behaved, the ambience automatically looks improved. The food is delicious and their ambience is clean and nice. You can sit outside if you want or you can be inside. The restaurant is not too big but it can hold a lot of people. You can also get their food delivered to you as mentioned before. The best part is that you do not have to wait after ordering because the service is fast. If you are living here or nearby or on a vacation, you can order over the phone and pick within fifteen to twenty minutes. When you are travelling with children, it can be difficult to find a place that serves food that they like. Here you can make a pizza with the toppings that your child likes. The place is easy to find and you can have a great time there.

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