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Fresh Brother’s Pizza

Fresh Brothers Pizza is own and operated by two brothers, Adam and Scott. Fresh Brothers using 100% fresh tomatoes when making their sauces. All ingredients used are GMO-free. The mozzarella is  100% natural with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. If you worried about eating fry foods, then at Fresh Brother`s there is no need to worry. Fresh brother’s foods are never fried, everything is baked. All wings, bites, and fries are baked.

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Brother’s Pizza Menu

Brother’s Pizza Menu

About brother’s pizza and Subs Restaurant. The Brother’s pizza restaurant is owned and run by a family. The restaurant was first opened in 1976 and has operated in Woodbridge and its environs since then. Food gets prepared as it gets ordered; therefore, you can rest assured that you will get freshly cooked or baked meals. For pizza lovers, top-notch pizza made with a seasoned baking stone which is the only NY style pizza you can enjoy in this part of the Jersey is what will get offered to you. You will also get fresh sandwiches, vegetable toppings, among other meals which you can either have as a takeout, have them delivered, or eat at the restaurant. This article is the ideal guide on what to expect on the Brother’s Pizza Menu. Read on to find out what is in stock for you.

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Three Brothers Pizza

Three Brothers Pizza

How, When, and Where Three Brothers Pizza Began Operating. In 1976, Michael, Mario, and Peter Rapole, who are all brothers from a very hardworking Italian family shifted their family business from Brooklyn, New York to Greenbelt, Maryland to fulfill their father’s  dream of seeing them succeed in the business venture. 35 years later, their one restaurant grew into a multi-corporation through their efforts. The Three brothers restaurant solely uses the family’s recipe when making entrees and sauces. Many of the restaurant’s customers are children and grandchildren of people who have got served by the Three Brother’s Pizza restaurant since it began operating. The Three Bother’s Pizza eats out has gained its customers loyalty and trust since the beginning. The company’s volume store at Greenbelt, Maryland and it’s still flourishing and already has 15 more locations. Well, here is an ultimate guide to what gets offered by this famous restaurant.

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Four Brothers Pizza

How They Began The Pizza Making Business? In the early 70s, The Four Brothers (Stefanopolous Brothers) left their country Greece in search of greener pastures and with high expectations that they would prosper abroad. They had a great love for one another, unity and they were all inspiring one another to succeed. In 1972, their first location got opened in Connecticut.

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Wok n roll is situated in Limassol, Cyprus and you can find them on their official website or 77 77 17 07. They are known for producing high-quality Japanese and Chinese food and the guests love it for the reasonable price. It is a sushi boutique place where you will find Chinese flavors. The interior and ambience is quite pleasant so you can take guests or your family there. For example, you are trying to impress your wife, you take her there for a beautiful Japanese or Chinese dinner. It can happen that you are trying to get a promotion, taking your boss there or other work associates can make them think you are the perfect member of their team.

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Here are some of the dishes that you must try at Wok N Roll

Gunkan Sushi 

The first thing you should try which is under €6.20 is the Gunkan Sushi made from Tuna or Salmon. The place is a sushi boutique and it delivers tasty sushi. While the customers can have mixed reviews about other kinds of dishes nobody ever complained about their sushi. Some people have become regular customers just for the sushi. When preparing a dish so elegant as this one, it is all about measurement. The chef has to cut the salmon into straight line and ensure that the size is correct. The wrapped salmon is mouthwatering and the shape is so perfect that you would feel like you are eating the best sushi ever. At this cost, you get four of these and you can share with another person because they are so filling. Most guests say that they like this dish because it tastes delicious and it is a different type of food. They can eat it with fingers or chopsticks. Eating them with chopsticks is a nice experience for the people and they love it. The texture is the second reason why they like it and it is popular among the people of that area. The combination is something they find astonishing and they prefer to have it at a social event. The price is low but it is just as elegant to serve to your guests.

Wok n roll

Wok n roll

Crispy Aromatic Duck

Many guests like this and it come in two forms. The first one is the one-fourth part of a crispy aromatic duck served with six pancakes, sauce and vegetables. That is just under €10 and another option exists which is for more people. That is 12 pancakes with half of a crispy aromatic duck served with sauce and vegetables. Even though their menu is huge, some guests just skip to the Duck section right after they are done with their appetizer. The ducks are chopped into fine pieces. In China, people consume a lot of ducks more than chicken and here the same thing happens. The best way to eat a crispy aromatic duck is with Chinese pancakes which you will get here. It takes more than three hours to cook. Why not stay away from all the hassle when you can have it here at such a reasonable price?

Grilled Chicken Salad

They have a menu for those who are trying to maintain their fitness and this one is one of the best dishes. If you are a chicken lover, this salad will make you feel like you are eating something healthy and delicious. It is a protein booster (65 g) and it has more proteins than the other salad which is the Mango Chicken Salad. The size of the chicken pieces is large here, so you can pick this. That one has less protein which is 53g. If you did not have a salad today, do not wait to have one at their place. It is a super easy method of getting nutrition in your body and filling the stomach at the same time. In that way, you will not later look for junk food or fatty foods to get rid of starvation. It has a lot of various texture, flavor and color. The salad is not only full of protein but also fiber. Experts say that people need more salad in their diet. Instead of making one at your home, you can have at Wok N Roll at under €10 only. Eating this salad, you can stronger antioxidants which protects the body from harmful particles. Having salad also lowers you chance of having cancer. The best part is that the restaurant picks out the freshest ingredient whether it is for their chicken, sushi or duck. Therefore, you can count on them for your proper health.

Salmon Avocado

We all know how healthy avocado and salmon and now you can get them both there. They will come in two pieces at under just €4. You will also get sushi rice which should be enough to fill you for the day. Who does not like salmon, particularly when it is fresh and prepared the right way? Wok N Roll knows how to deal with salmon and for their guests they pick the freshest and finest ingredients. If you do not want an avocado or you do not eat them, you can pick just the salmon which is only €3.80. It will come with sushi rice and topping. In the same way, you can pick any other fish you like such as tuna, octopus and prawn. The best part is that they are reasonable. Tee tuna is only €4.40, prawn is €4.20 and octopus is €4.

There are lot of items to choose from their menu. The guests love a lot of other items as well such as the rolls. They have boutique toll which has tuna, salmon and sea bass. You can get rainbow, tempura, torched salmon, cucumber, dynamite or wasabi roll. They have a lot of platters so that many people can eat at a low price. They also have lunch time deals such as the sushi platter. It contains a lot of items but priced under €13. Their food is appealing to the eye because the chef works with precision. You should look at their boutique roll and see how appealing it looks.

House of Pizza


House of Pizza is located in Chestnut Street at Lancaster. It is a restaurant to serve delicious pizzas. It is on top in the area because it receives a lot of positive rating from the guests and customers. The House of Pizza at Lancaster is on the “A list” of restaurants in the “Neighborhood Pizza” group according to the Central PA Magazine. The House of Pizza has also been documented by numerous native publications like the Lancaster Magazine, the Lancaster New Era, Clipper Magazine, and more than twenty-five years of producing “Best Pizza.”  The restaurant is proud of their success and achievements as the positive ratings come from their guests and customers.

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House of Pizza opened in February 19, 1986 and since then people love their pizzas. They have a lot of customers who come regularly to have their meal or snack over there. The restaurant and the atmosphere may have changed and improved with time but one thing remained constant. That is their dedication to serve the people with high-quality food at a low price in a nice ambience and ensure that the customer is fully happy with their service and dining.

House of Pizza

House of Pizza



The brick building is with three floors stood at the side of North Market Street and West Chestnut Street and it is an ancient one. It dates back to 1873 when it was a shop and office for John Ives Hartman and Benjamin P. Miller. They also had a warehouse in there because it was that place number one wholesale grocers. The building is an important part of the century because it dates back to 1800s which is hard to spot these days. Most places are covered with new buildings and homes. It is truly a beautiful and antique structure that brings back the past.

The place was empty for a long period of time till Chris Madonis and his uncle Pete Hazangeles bought this in July 1985.  After a lot of work and renovation, the place turned into House of Pizza which is still running as one of the best pizzerias in Lancaster.


Their pizza receives lots of praises such as:

1. the best pizza ever and the crust is amazing unlike other places

2. the pizza is excellent because their kitchen is always clean and organized

3. their pizza is always with extra cheese, pepperoni, mushroom and sauce, they do not sacrifice on the quality

Besides, the taste and quality, the price is also reasonable which is more people go there. You can get a ten inches’ pizza at only $8.99 and under $17 you can get a huge one. The submarines are delicious and cost less than many other places. They are around $7. The chicken submarines are extra mouthwatering and comes in tasty flavors such as Chicken Parmesan and Cheese Steak. There are wraps in many different flavors such as Chicken Caesar, Buffalo Chicken and Tuna. They did not forget salad because it is an important and healthy addition to any meal. You can get Greek, Tuna and many other kinds of salads. The salads cost less. There are deli sandwiches that costs only $7.25. The desserts are tasty as well and cost really less. The cost of a slice of cheesecake with strawberry as the topping is only $3.5. Since it remains open at late in the night, it is the perfect place to have a snack before returning home after a party. Plus, the location makes it prominent for people to stop by.

There are amazing offers and deals such as you have the temptation and craving for a pizza but do not have a lot in your pocket, you can have a medium slice and a drink to gulp it down at less than $2.5! If that does not make you full, you can get two slices at $4. On Wednesday, you can pick burger and fries, which is everyone’s favorite after pizza which is only $5.75. Either that or you can get a slice of pizza with salad or soup. The special deals will let you save money without having less pizza. For example, you can get 2 pizzas of 16 inches at $19.99 whereas one cost $15.99 in regular menu.


You can have dine-in, carry out or delivery. There you have Free Wi-Fi, Off Street Parking and Credit cards are accepted. The hours are from 10 AM to 12 AM on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday, it is from 10 AM to 1 AM. On Friday and Saturday from 10 AM to 2 AM. There are bar hours which is from 10 AM to 11:30 AM on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 10 AM to 12 at Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, it is from 11 AM to 11:30 PM.

Some people complain that they are closed even before the closing time which can be a problem. Even though the staffs are well-behaved there are sometimes complains that they are being rude.


They have a separate “Contact Us” section on their website where they give the platform for people to write to them. You need to write down your name, email, phone, subject and the message. Phone number is not important but it can help you if your problem is urgent. You can also call their number if they are being late at replying. It is 717-393-1747. They have a Facebook page with more than four thousand likes. You can also contact them there and they will reply within an hour. You will also be able to follow them on Twitter which they opened in 2011, when the restaurant turned 25 years old. There you will get many updates and news such as “Strawberry Spinach Salad is back” You can also follow them on Instagram where you will find lots of photos of House of Pizza. It is houseofpizza23.

Bamboo House


Bamboo House is located in 540 Waugh Dr, Houston, TX 77019. It is a place serving Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food. If you want food delivered, visit their website at There is a lot of variety of foods on their and they fall on several different categories. Since it can be difficult for you to pick, here are some of the ones you should try or you can choose if you are confused. The place receives a lot of positive reviews because of its ambience, food and service. The only reason you will find negative reviews are because of the price. People do not like paying so much to have Asian food. Instead of getting home delivery or take out, eating there is wiser decision. The reason is because the containers are too small.

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China Chef


If you are eating there, you will find the servings to be generous. Besides, if you choose online, there are less options. When you go up front, you will discover more food items that you can order. One way the Bamboo House in Houston can help you is if you are craving for Asian food on a Sunday. Most other places are closed on that day. Even though the items are expensive to many people, most of them still comes back because of the taste and quality of food. There are some dishes though that will make you full while being reasonable. Here are some of the items so that you do not have to go through the menu for hours or regret ordering something.

Bamboo House

Bamboo House


Thai Sa-Tae Chicken

If you are ready for an exotic dinner that has a beautiful flavor, stop by Bamboo House and get this. Even though it falls in the list of appetizers, it will be enough to fill you up. You might have planned a three-course meal in mind. You can plan to have a dinner to fill you up because nobody likes to starve later on after returning home. You can pick an appetizer of your choice and an entrée (they have a lot of shrimp and chicken entrees) and dessert. When you will first hear about Thai Sa-Tae chicken, you will look for it in the Entrée section of the menu. The surprising part is that they put it in the appetizer even though it is enough to make you full. It has the taste of Thai that you are looking for.

It comes with a unique sauce of peanut and cucumber salad. Not only for dinner, this is a perfect light lunch. It is better to not eat too much at lunch since you have to get back to work. Besides, this is healthy, fresh and quick. Just have those delicious Thai Sa-Tae Chicken and you can be done with a delicious meal in no time. The price is only $6.95. That is one way to eat at a reasonable price in Bamboo House. If you have planned a three-course meal, you must have brought more than $30 dollars. Then, you can call Bamboo House expensive. $30 for a meal!

Hot and Sour Soup

Some people have problems with the quantity but still they come back to Bamboo House for the taste. The Hot and Sour Soup is one of the soup you can have at only $3.95 and it will make you want to have more. If you are visiting there for the first time, the section of soup may confuse you. There are many options such as Miso Soup, Wonton Soup, Tom Yum Chicken or Shrimp, Tom Kha Chicken or Shrimp. Just like most Chinese restaurants, the shrimp one costs more than the ones containing chicken. Nonetheless, the pricing is less and the best one is Hot and Sour Soup. Although if you like spicy, you can try the Tom Yum Chicken or Shrimp or Tom Kha Chicken or Shrimp. The only difference is one is a lime broth and the other is coconut milk. If it is winter, it is the perfect time to have the soup. Some people also like the Egg Drop soup. The best part is that they use tofu instead of pork or other meat. Pork in Hot and Sour soup ruins the taste but tofu makes it all better. The sour part of the soup comes from vinegar. The hot part comes from the pepper. That is how it gets the name and the chef at Bamboo House prepares it.

Pad Thai 

If you are a noodles fan, you should pick Pad Thai of Bamboo House which is only $11.95. It is perfect if you like spicy and hot noodles with peanuts. You can also try the Pad Se Ew because it contains broccoli that means it is much healthier and it is serve with soy sauce. If you are more on the non-veg side, the Pad Thai is perfect. It has no broccoli, carrots but peanuts and cilantro. If you want you can add beef or shrimp instead of chicken to match with your taste. The price is $11.95. You do not want to take this home as the container is small in size. It is better to eat there. Taking the noodles seems like a better option than taking the fried rice because it is cheaper and the taste is much better. The ingredients are much more attractive than the ones used in rice.

Red Curry 

It is a dish that you can get with either beef, shrimp or chicken which is supposed to be spicy. Many customers and guests love it because they say it has the correct amount of spice and the perfect taste. It costs $12.95. The reason it is so delicious is because of the coconut milk. You can have it with brown or white rice and that will make a meal at under $13. There is no need to pay extra unless you take beef or shrimp. The chicken red curry is the best so no need to spend $2 and substitute the meat because the way it is, is delicious. It is an inexpensive way to have your meal at Bamboo House because you get chicken red curry and rice at this price.

China Express


China Express Inn: The prove that food delivery is possible in snow storms. While you will find lot of mixed comments about China Express Inn in Minneapolis, MN you should know that it is the best one out there for delivering your food. Other places find ask for minimum of $30 for delivery so you choose to just order by the phone and pick up yourself. Here it is only $15. When you order home delivery, the food is going to be hot and fresh. Many places mess with home deliveries. The reason is because they think that the person is eating at home and cannot complain. Probably the customer would put a bad review, but they think that one negative comment cannot hurt. In China Express Inn, they do not play with customers like that.

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Here the customers get what they ask for. If there is any mistake that is completely unintentional and they will try to make up for that. They are very busy with deliveries during weekends but still try their best to deliver everyone at the right time. You can have Chinese food in the comfort of your home. They do not serve traditional ones but the Americanized version of Chinese food. Therefore, you will like it. Just because the word home delivery keeps on repeating do not think that it is just for takeout or home delivery.

China Express


There is a place to sit and eat but that is not spacious like other places. The prices are low so you might have problems ordering online or through phone as the minimum for delivery is $15. One thing you should know that they will deliver in situations and rough weathers when other eateries refuse to deliver. Getting back to the cost, they are really low. For example, there are many kinds of fried rice and they are all around $5 such as plain fried rice, vegetable fried rice, chicken, shrimp and beef one. You should skip the one with pork because that is not tasty at all plus unhealthy for those who eat it.

It is not a matter of shock that some dishes catapult to the highest point of the charts since the place is famous for its chicken items. If you order the chicken wings and ask them to make it extra crispy and crunchy, they will. They try to be accurate and if you are getting home delivery, they will still be fresh. The sauce will not start to become damp.

Here the masses of chicken meat have the same craggily battered exterior that stays crunchy even loaded with a sauce that is neither overly honeyed nor overawed with chilies. Want something hot? Bite into Cold Noodle with sesame sauce, starting with hot and sour soup and ending with curry chicken with onions including Szechuan beef.

The heat of chili peppers in the Kung Po Chicken adds complexity to the dish. Multiple-spice seasoning gives aromatic warmth to all the spicy items. Do not allow that to stop you from trying the wildly good steamed mixed vegetables, mushrooms with shrimp, orange chicken and the chicken with broccoli. If you are noodles lover, then this place is perfect. You get Chow Mein, Chop suey, Lo Mein and Mai Fun. We all know that noodles are way tastier than rice. But, if you think about calories you can get rice. It is supposed to have less calories than noodles.

The price is so low that you can order food for two meals when you order home delivery. For example, you pick the Chicken with Chinese vegetables and that cost $6.55. You need to make it $15. You can add beef with Chinese vegetables which is going to be $7.25. They both will come with white rice. Therefore, you see that you are getting two meals at once.

Since there is a lot of choices for noodles and it is easy to get confused if you are ordering for the first time you can never go wrong with the vegetable Lo Mein noodles. It costs only $5.95. Also, if you are a vegetarian or if you are looking for a healthy way to eat noodles, vegetable Lo Mein can never go wrong. The vegetables make it nutritious and healthy. The amount is big enough for you to fill your tummy and have some left over for later. Other than that, you can have the plain Lo Mein (it costs the most out of the all the Lo Mein but does not have any vegetable or meat in it), Chicken Lo Mein, Shrimp, Beef or the House one. It is going to be wise to bounce away from the Pork Lo Mein because that is not at all healthy neither tasty. It is going to be greasy and can make you feel sick. Besides that, you have Mai Fun also with the same options. A new addition is the Singapore Mai Fun which is on the hot and spicy side. When you want noodles to make your taste buds burn, pick the Singapore Mai Fun.

Making Singapore Mai Fun at home can be troublesome. You need a lot of ingredients such as red bell pepper, grated peeled ginger that are fresh, boneless clean chicken breasts, tofu, shrimp, sliced green onions, minced fresh garlic cloves, bean sprouts, snow peas etc. Save yourself from all the trouble of buying the ingredients and cooking it. Instead get that from China Express Inn at less than $10.

The name can sound confusing making you think it is a bus or something. That is not the case. Plus, do not think that it will be selling overpriced traditional Chinese food. It sells Americanized one and the quantity is huge. It is going to be enough for you and you will be able to share with another person. They are excellent at home delivery and they take no excuse for not delivering. When other places will not want to deliver, order at China Express Inn. Pick the ones that are mentioned above such as the vegetable Lo Mein or the chicken dishes and you can never be upset.

China Chef

China Chef

There are many restaurants that receives a lot of positive and negative reviews making them a confusing one. You will not be sure whether you should go there or not. China Chef gets all the puzzles out because it gets only positive reviews. In fact, if you search on the world-wide web for the best place to eat in Colchester, you will end up with China Chef. Although there may be something you want to be aware of to make your experience worth it. While the restaurant does an excellent job at serving people fresh and delicious food, they also have the best and cleanest ambience.

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As a matter of fact, people use to rate them 4 out of 5 or something like that but after they made improvements, people visiting now gives them a five star.


Many Chinese restaurants have a lot of staffs working, one serving the food, the other at the cash register, others waiting to serve drinks etc. The same is here at China Chef but the difference is their behavior is polite and kind.

China Chef

China Chef

“The staffs were rude but we did not care because how much can you expect from them, we went for the food and came out ignoring the behavior”

“The woman at the cash register was rude and did not even smile when I told her that I liked the food”

“The behavior is not what I expected but what can I do I had to be happy with the food and overlook the cruel look”

These are some of the things people say when they visit other Chinese restaurants but the experience is completely different here. The staffs receive a lot of praises and compliments from the guests, customers and people. If you think that you should ignore the rude behavior and go just for the food than you are wrong. Well-behaved workers are just as important as the quality and class of food. Here the guests say that the staffs have the nicest manners. Some of the comments from guests of China Chef are

“The staffs are friendly, polite and caring”

“They serve the food with attention and care and it is great to find a restaurant where you know the people working have an excellent personality”

“It is amazing to know that you walk in China Chef and know that the food and service will be equally fantastic because of its staffs”

One thing to notice is that it is surprising that they do not welcome babies as babies tend to cry. The place is suitable for night owls because it remains open it 11:30 PM. Another thing to be careful is that do not expect sweet behavior while making a reservation on the phone.


The restaurant is spectacular both inside and outside. The design is a grand and wonderful one. The breathtaking interior design will make you feel like you are having a meal at a ball. The place is lively and good-looking. The inside is not only stunning but also very clean. As mentioned before, the staffs are polite and besides that they are also hard-working. They put a lot of effort to keep the place free of marks, stains and dirt. You do not want to eat at a place that is not scrubbed or washed. The dirt-free and hygienic ensures a nutritious meal every time. It is surprising that many Chinese restaurants even in United States are not properly cleaned and people ignore that. They just take it at home and eat or order over the phone and pick their food. If you are in search for a hygienic and pristine place to have food with friends, family or just yourself, settle for China Chef.

Cleanliness is perhaps the second most vital aspect of an eatery, coming subsequent to quality of food. Every customer likes to put their trust onto a restaurant that has approved sanitation and health values, so keeping the restaurant dining and kitchen zones clean is a big part of the achievement of the business. Eateries with bad hygiene are never going to succeed because of their dirty secrets. Those secrets will expose and the people will learn about its poor hygiene. The eating places should be clean or else the people eating there can develop diseases.


The food is always served fresh and hot. The place receives lots of positive reviews because of the taste of the food. People go there with their work associates, friends and family and nobody was ever disappointed. The chef asks about your food allergies so that you can have a wonderful experience dining.

If you are not sure about what to order, here are some of the dishes that can help you decide. If you are going with another person for dinner, SET Dinner A is the right choice as it comes with the honey roast ribs which a must-have. It will come with chicken and mushrooms, shrimp chow Mein and fried rice. You will also get the chicken in Cantonese Styles that tastes sweet and sour. Another one you can have is the Szechuan Dinner and again because of the hot and spicy ribs. People who eats there recommends the ribs. The second dinner set comes with King Prawns in Chili Sauce, Deep-fried Shredded Beef with Chili, Chicken in Black Bean Sauce, Szechuan Assorted Vegetables and Egg-fried Rice. The first one is £15.80 only and the second is £19.

You should ignore the Pork dishes because the customers said that it is not tasty and it is full of fat. Rather take the sliced beef in black bean sauce or minced beef with French beans Szechuan style. Since they allow alcohol, it is better not take your child there. You can try the egg-fried rice. The chef’s selection is everyone’s favorite. No matter what you pick from there, it will always be tasty. It starts with Sizzling Beef Fillet in Oriental Sauce (£14.30), Sizzling Beef Fillet in Black Pepper Sauce (£14.30), King Prawns in Rich Garlic Sauce (£ 9.60), Mixed Seafood in Satay Sauce (£9.90), Chicken in Satay Sauce (£8.50), Sizzling Lamb with Ginger and Spring Onion (£9.50), Sizzling Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion (£ 9.50), Smoked Shredded Chicken (£8.50) and lastly the Chicken in Oriental Sauce (£ 8.50).

China cafe


The location of China cafe is 13 East 37th Street, New York, NY 10016. If you are in New York, free up some time from your schedule and stop by China café because it is good enough to let you have a pleasant time and experience. In Midtown, you will find a lot of reasons to like this Cafe.

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Firstly, is the ambience and the place. You will love how it looks with the screens, portraits and mirrors.  You will feel like you are in the history or an early era at Shanghai. That is where the café originally wants to take you and the owners are a couple, Xian Zhang and wife Yiming Wang.  There is an attractive glass supported bar, furnished chairs, curtains and lamps; do you not hate it when you have to wait for the food and five minutes feels like an hour. It is worse when there is nothing to look at just the chairs and tables. Here you can look at the paintings, decorations and all other items kept just for you. there’s enough to keep you looking around for ages before your meal arrives. Another way to stay busy is looking at the menus. It is not those restaurants you visit where the menu is just your regular appetizer and entrée and concluding with desserts and drink section. There is so much that you will want to explore and time will go by just reading it.

Let us talk about the food. Since there i

China cafe

China cafe

s a lot of food, confusions can arise. For you first visit, try the rabbit.

Spicy Diced Rabbit

There is not a single person who did not like the Spicy Diced Rabbit. The price is $9. You will like how juicy the bones and the rabbit nuggets turn out to be. As you can tell from the name, it is going to be in small pieces. The delicious nuggets will be presented in a smoky and hot chili vinaigrette. The chefs have a lot of experience in producing Sichuan cuisine and that is why they have the Michelin star.

Bang Bang Chicken costs around nine dollars and it comes with strong flavors that will not fail to blow you away. Here the chicken pieces are shredded and they are really juicy and soft.  There are a lot of appetizers but you might like this more.

There is a duck dish you can try which is Peppercon and Duck Tongue. It costs $10 and comes with mind-blowing flavors and the dish will be juicy and moist.   The predominant flavor can be similar to scallion oil instead of peppercorn, no matter what you will like it.

The Dan Dan Noodles costing $6, will come with a roasted chili vinaigrette that makes this noodles stand out from the crowd. You can skip the Pork Dumplings in Chili Oil because they have a sweetness which is not alright unless you want to eat something extra sweet. Who would want something sweet while devouring on these tasty hot items?

You can also try their soups such as the Wonton Soup, Butter Squash Soup or the Clear Soup with Meatballs. No matter which one you try, you will their taste. They can be a good start to your meal.

Spicy Cumin Lamb

When it is about the entrées confusion can strike you. Therefore, go with the spicy cumin lamb. You can also go with the dry-fried Chungking (Chongqing) Spicy Chicken that costs $15. The execution was perfect and you will like how the taste and flavors blend in.  The aroma of the roasted chilis, chubby portions of ginger, Sichuan pepper, and sesame seeds is going to make you want to eat more. There is a crispy feel on the outer part and there is no starchy feel and the inside is excessively moist.

The lamb is going to cost $19. Lamb is supposed to cost more because it has a higher price than other meats in Southern Asia. The cumin and cilantro stems match with the soft and medium rare lamb. The lamb is an excellent example how much effort they put into their dishes.

You will not like the Double Cooked Pork with Smoked Tofu which is $15. Do yourself a favor and do not have that. Rather pick the lamb or chicken.  The moto of the restaurant is that East meets West but it is more like Americans meeting excellent Sichuan food.

If you are more into fish than meat, you can try the Spicy Baked Whole Fish. It comes with mushroom, cumin and bamboo shoot. You will love the luscious taste it brings to the plate. It is not only flavorful but healthy as well. You can also try the Fish Blossom because it comes with an excellent sauce. The sauce is sweet and sour with the crunchy boneless tilapia.

The restaurant offers lunch at reasonable price such as Kung Pao Chicken, Sweet and Sour Baby Ribs, and Eggplant in Garlic Sauce at $12 only. You will get brown or white rice and soup or spring roll. It is perfect for visiting during lunch time which from 11 AM to 3 PM. The

Szechuan Beef Noodles is only $12 and it comes with snow pea shoots and large chunks of beef. Everything here is spicy because that is what makes Sichuan Cuisine stand out. The cuisine has a reputation for its diversity of seasonings that is put into cooking, as each dish requires different preparation approaches.

Sichuan foods are most well-known for its hot and peppery flavor, though it may have sweetness with a bit of sour flavors as well. You will get the “The Five Fragrances” that is missing in many other types of cuisines and they are aniseed, fennel, pepper, clove, cinnamon, and Sichuan pepper as well as chili. China Café does an excellent job at keeping this reputation and people over there loves their food. It won the Michelin star because it provides original Chinese cuisine unlike other restaurants which serve Chinese food that is styled in an American way. It was the owners idea and dream to keep it completely traditional.